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I really need to focus


Just a quick update on what’s happening lately in my life. Actually nothing much has changed. Still procrastinating on work I’m too afraid to face because it looks overwhelming. Still religiously uploading Weekly Monotonies on my Youtube channel. Still busy participating in support groups to help grow my channel faster. Still trying to lose weight. Still feeling hopeless about this government. Still praying for healing and everything to go back to the old normal.

Everything is still hanging and I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything. But it’s fine. I’m enjoying this break, if you may call it that. I’m enjoying vlogging and producing review videos. In fact I’ve gotten a bunch of really heartwarming comments from some of my Youtube videos that gets me really inspired to keep going. You know how I’ve always loved reviewing things so it feels really good when my content brings value to my viewers. I mean, that’s the point really hehe. I’m nowhere near getting monetized but I’m happy enough that most of my review videos are getting organic views. Yey!

Let me quote some of the comments that really made my day:

“Thanks for this. Just the review I need. Confirming order now. Hahahha!!!”

“I purchased this cause of your excellent review and I got it today! “

“keep up with the awesome work you do on this channel :)”

“…for a channel with so few subscribers, your reviews are great!) I wish many subscribers!”

“This channel is so underrated with this kind of detailed review”

“Super clear enunciation”

“Thanks. Got one after watching the video”

“Very professional review. Great work.”

I feel validated every time I read comments like those. Feels like I’m doing something right. But you know what, I still prefer reviewing on my blog because I can edit and add updates. But videos, I figured, are much better, and besides, nobody likes to read blogs anymore!

Another happy thing, that I hope won’t get jinxed.. I might be getting some recognition later at work. Our office is celebrating customer service week chuchu and every department gets to nominate team members that they feel embody firm values. They sent out the nominees for Technology department, blind item style, and based on the description and scope of work of one of the mystery people, I feel like I made the list? Like I’m 99% sure it’s me. The 1% goes to, wala, pa-humble ko lang, or maybe margin of error baka nagkamali ng pronoun at HE pala yung tinutukoy at hindi SHE. I’m pretty sure they refer to my team and I’m the only girl eh! So yun, my colleague has already congratulated me, on the same assumption, so if it’s not, God help my tears won’t stop. Charot. Sana may pa-grab food haha

What else. I got another allergy attack this week. But this time, naagapan ko agad. When it started spreading I resisted all urges na magkamot and drank antihistamine immediately. It mellowed down, then on the next days may pasulpot-sulpot na islands. But after two days wala na recurrence. If this was the same allergen, we’re thinking Indian food na talaga is the culprit huhu. But which one? We use so many spice mixes. Thanks to my weekly vlogs we were able to narrow down the suspect ingredients. May silbi ang vlogs ko guys haha.

On my first major allergy attack I ate Tandoori Tikka the night before. Now this week naman I ate Tikka Masala! But I also remember eating Rogan Josh and Butter Chicken and got no allergic reaction.

So now, using the process of elimination we tried to get which ingredients are common among all those Indian spice mixes and crossed them out. The only common ingredient between Tandoori Tikka and Tikka Masala that are both not present in Rogan Josh and Butter Chicken is… PAPRIKA!

So yun, still have to test this out but I’m hoping sana tama?! Kasi mahal magpa-allergy test hahaha! Hay Lord!