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my happiest 5k!

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wooooh! this afternoon’s jog was the best i had so far. in terms of record and overall feeling. i jogged 5.02km in 43 minutes! that’s quite a milestone for me because that’s my fastest 5k, and i jogged without stopping! HAHAHA sorry naman sa “PR” ko (kung maituturing). still on my way to 30 minutes! <3

i really wanted to call it a run, but at the (literal) rate at which i was going, i was more jogging than running. nonetheless, i never stopped! that means i’m probably doing something right on account of my breathing skills. haha! skill talaga, yes. cos at some point in every run, we need to pause to catch our breaths. most runners do that on a light jog, i do it on a walk… which drags the record lower so yeah. will work on that! >XD

even though i had a great jog, it wasn’t really that smooth. come 3k and my feet started blistering! so i had to adjust my steps to lessen the impact on the sore areas. huhu. then after a kilometer i was feeling side stitches naman! common running problem; so i had to slow down a bit. 🙁

magkaganun man, push parin!!!

when the nike+ app announced 5k, i was sooo frakking happy i could imagine the gray pavement turning red, lanes being drawn with white strips, and a finish tape waiting to be breasted in slow-mo. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

i don’t know what else made this run special, could it be the coffee i drank some 30 minutes before, or the #Drop10Workout i did a few hours back, or just the fact that i’m on vacation? lol. whatever the other reasons may be, THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS RUN! <3

i’m still struggling to realize why i’m so slow. at my age i should be breaking the 30minutes barrier already. after MARS9, i felt stronger, and my succeeding runs have finally become injury-free. for the first time in my life, when i stiffen up and poke myself, i finally feel some hardness and not some disappointing jello of fat haha. >XD

i’m suspecting i have weak lungs. though i have to check w/ a doctor parin. for some reason i want to try getting checked-up at Peak Form! ever since that summer where i lived in a newly painted dorm, my health has declined radically. my lungs are just so blah. better check with the doctor. >XS

anywaaaaay, that’s it!

btw i’m so excited this season cos i have a lot of personal projects in tow for the coming days, like:

– selecting works for a new portfolio
– a desk calendar!
– watercolor and lettering stuff
– an obligatory year-ender post
– 2015 wishlist
– backlogs, backlogs, and more backlogs
– reviving #ProjectKorra even though the entire Avatar franchise has just ended and by the time i’m finally Korra-ready, no one could probably relate to my fitness peg anymore. haha

sooooo…. i have to gooo!!!
happy Christmaaaasss!!! <3