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lenovo L1VE concert

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in celebration of being the #1 pc vendor worldwide, lenovo (in cooperation with microsoft) threw in a concert for those who  purchased select lenovo products during their promo period last year. since i bought a flex 14 last december, i was able to get 2 vip tickets. i was planning on selling it pero matumal eh so i just went with a friend para di sayang! hahaha

we weren’t able to catch the free shuttle at paseo center makati (yes, RWM offers free shuttle to members and membership is free! click here for more details), and we’d be running late if we took our chances at mcdo valero (loooong walk!) so we decided to hail a cab instead. from paseo center to resorts world manila, the fare cost  around 130 pesos. but since we took the skyway, we added 20 pesos. keri na diba? haha
with my colleague tina, thanks for coming!
the newport performing arts theater opened at 8pm so while waiting at the lobby, kate torralba entertained us with her awesome singing! i know right? kate torralba the stockings designer? i was surprised to hear that she has a musical prowess din pala! ayos!
designer, singer, musician kate torralba serenaded us with classics and audience requests!

it was really refreshing to hear her sing. her voice has some kindof norah jones quality to it, and her playing is really good as well. frustrated pianist here! and look at the piano, see something? think it’s a grand piano? haha natuwa ako nung napansin ko how it’s just an electric organ cased in a grand-piano housing. hahaha >XD

the entire concert was accompanied by the manila philharmonic orchestra so you could only imagine how epic that was. super duper bow.

pic spam below!

nina with her opening song
thanks to the LED stream haha

since the event was exclusive, it’s quite acceptable there’s not a full house. but the energy went really high specially when rico blanco went off stage to rock with the audience! sayang he didn’t come our way, photo op sana. hahaha

lastly, the ukelele ensemble philippines also graced the concert with a number. it was really cool! and their pack is so diverse ah! kudos! hahaha >XD
overall it was great concert! rico blanco was crazy and grabe ampogi nya hahahaha instant crush! at kahit sobrang paos ako non keribels lang sa pagtili! >XD
thank you lenovo!