A very personal blog

moved for the nth time! >XD

another blog! sorry guys (naks as if may nagbabasa), i’ll try to settle at Yan Gabbles for as long as i can. hahaha >XD it’s quite a pain having to move blogs you know, i have to import all my entries and comments, register the new blog to ad sites, to feedburner, to histats, i have to update my co.nr redirection and create a new one as well (btw yanbirog.co.nr will always redirect to my active blog), i also have to delete other blogsites to avoid redundancy, need to copy/enhance layout and go through the pain of manually transferring sidebar content (cos apparently, backing up your template doesn’t preserve the html/javascript content. arg), and finally i have to create a WELCOME POST!!

so welcome to YAN GABBLES, i did my best to pick a title i would most probably stick to for at least 3 months HAHAHA, so there you go. feel free to read through whatever. hehe if you’re nice you can leave no-hate comments, i love reading comments, hehe or if you have something to discuss privately, whatever, there’s a CONTACT FORM somewhere in the sidebar, checkitout. >:)

hehehehe have a happy day!