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Ally's All-Day Breakfast Place

i’ve been meaning to blog about my Ally’s experience pero tinatamad ako haha anyway, here it is! all-day breakfast places are becoming a trend right now, but Ally’s here became known for its DIY pancakes! it’s basically like ordering at BRGR Project, but pancake/waffle edition this time hehe.

when i first visited Ally’s they gave out small forms with a checklist of how you want your pancake served (selections at the right part of pic below). but recently they only give out list order forms where your WRITE your orders instead. hehe mejo messy but anyway. haha

my first pancake at ally’s! my all time favorite as well, blueberry creamcheeese!

classic, pancake, blueberry, cream cheese, crushed graham and maple syrup – Php 170

 my sister’s order, pretty much like mine but with more toppings and sausages at the side hehe:

classic pancake, blueberry, cream cheese, nutella, crushed graham, walnuts, maple syrup – Php 240

breakfast sausages on the sides – add Php 55

 in fairness, the pancakes were big, heavy and not too sweet, allowing you to really savor your selection of toppings.

on my second visit, i tried out their Adobo Flakes for Php 120

twin sunny side up, adobo flakes, tomato salsa, rice with toasted garlic on top

the pork adobo flakes were really tasty and flavorful however it wasn’t as crispy as the other adobo flakes i’ve tried, in fact it wasn’t crispy at all, but it’s still good. i love the tomato salsa but the serving was too small! anyway it’s just salted chopped tomatoes and green bell pepper, very easy to make. hehe for Php 120 this is super sulit and very heavy as well! Actually, i also ordered a blueberry cream cheese pancake along with this and i wasn’t able to finish it! haha

on the other side of the table, jeckie ordered banana waffle with additional sides ๐Ÿ™‚

waffle, bananas, maple syrup – Php 125

scrambled eggs (php 35) and bacon (php 55) on the sides 

 in fairness to the waffles they were really big! taller than the 2 pcs pancake. i tried it at bit and it tastes just like the classic pancake hehe.

that’s all we’ve tried so far, and YES i want you to try it out as well! Ally’s main selling point is their DIY pancakes so it’s must that you try them out if it’s your first time. As for their set meals, they do have a large selection you can try.

the only downside with eating at Ally’s is that their place is really small. The inside can probably only accommodate 20 guests (assuming all tables are full), and outside they only have 4 tables. if you’re coming in groups you may want to reserve. yup, good thing they accept reservations free of charge! otherwise, you may have to wait to be seated coming in on peak lunch and dinner times. ๐Ÿ™‚

here are photos of some parts of menu for your reference hehe

Ally’s All-day Breakfast Place
50 Malingap st., Sikatuna Village, QC
7am – 10pm
0906 444 3878