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Nike We Run Manila 2013

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oh yeaaahh!

Nike We Run Manila 2013 was held yesterday december 1 at marikina city. gun start at 4pm 😀

yesterday was sooo awesome! first time to run 10k outdoors and i seriously enjoyed it! i came along with 4 of my college friends jun, mark, dan and edlaine and we had so much fuuuun!

amigos <3
i’m just starting a running habit and this was a totally good experience for me! this is the second running event i joined (first was red cross million volunteer run) and everything was mostly good!

– race kit claiming was very organized. with an event like this i was expecting chaos during the claiming dates (nov 21-24) but surprisingly the lines were smooth and there were no long queues as there were around 10+ claiming counters. they gave out a really big tote bag considering it only contained the red runner’s shirt, map/guidelines, and dtag. hahaha
– it felt different (in a positive way) running around a neighborhood as opposed to running along the highway or on a treadmill (duh? haha)
– hydration for me was okay. there were tons of water and even though a lot of runners were complaining about the lack of gatorade, the overflow of water (i think) is enough to quench our thirst. hehe
– for the price of 850 per runner, 2 drifit nike shirts + nike water bottle is really sulit! i particularly liked the red shirt cos it’s softer and felt more drifit than the white finisher’s shirt. hehe
– it felt very uplifting and encouraging hearing the townspeople and children cheer for you along the sides! “go runners!” “wohoooo!” “nike run nga eh! hindi nike walk!” hahaha panalo! there were kids na nakiki-apir pa along the way. but i didn’t indulge hahaha.
– the finish line was stationed inside the sports complex so it felt great having to cap off your race in the tracks! feeling marathoner! ang astig sobrang fulfilling! hahaha
– finisher’s kit claiming was also a breeze. no long lines. claiming was divided by shirt size and the entire complex was lined up with claiming booths. 😀 finishers kit included the finishers shirt, nike water bottle, gatorade, and premier drinking water.
– after party concert was awesome kahit di na namin inabutan haha
– going home was a breeze, no traffic at all. thanks dan for the ride! >:D
– hindi naman talaga ako competitive but some roads were too narrow to accommodate running participants, so most resorted to just walk until they reach a wider street. hehe
– sana may ‘FINISHER’ na nakalagay sa finishers shirt para mas cool tingnan.
– also, i hoped they allowed us to change shirt sizes cos apparently the finishers shirt was a bit smaller than the runner’s shirt. huhu 
– mejo nakaka-guilty tingnan yung mga closed roads accumulating traffic and angry motorists. i hope they change venue next year, MOA, CAVITEX or BGC are still the best options for running events. hehe
– i also hope they made it a morning race as well! no qualms about starting at the afternoon (at least hindi mainit hehe) the thing is, afternoon traffic is worse. i’d rather wake up super early and finish early! hehe
overall it was a great run! kudos to nike and runrio! yahoooo! after the run i (unwillingly HAHA) treated my friends to tapsi ni vivian as a post birthday treat. hello to tapsi, bulalo and lechong kawali! in fairness nangarag ang restaurant because of the volume of people who dined in! super full house!
hello high blood!
the goys
i enjoyed it a lot that i had to file for a sick leave today because my body won’t cooperate. i have a feeling my right leg was strained so pilay pilayan ako ngayon. i hate this feeling, it feels like my injury is recurring. :'(


race results out! here’s mine, for keepsake haha

Bib number: 69404
Rank: #11505 (yeahh and there were like 15k runners ok?! *proud moment* hahaha)
Gun time: 01:59:20
Chip time: 01:37:21

were you also a participant? how did you find it? 🙂