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why why love ♥

first it’s coffee prince, then devil beside you and finally i’m doing a marathon of why why love!!! 🙂

if you’re interested you can watch it at Crunchyroll

i’m still of episode 4 though… hehehe but i’m enjoying it! wahahaha

@ i’m so glad this day is finally over (not exactly, but you get the drift)! i had two exams a while ago!
hist2 and chem40lec. hist2 was so time consuming we had to write a lot of essays… and take note… i didn’t study well, i mean, i only started browsing her handouts (which is more or less 50 pages) 4 hours before the exam… and the reason is because i studied chem40 the night before… and with that i mean i didn’t sleep! yeah! like i started 12mn (which is damn usual if you know me well- my neurons like doing the graveyard shift) and by 5am i’m not even halfway! wtdhl! it took me 5 hours studying stereochemistry alone!!!

and i was so proud i was able to understand those blasted concepts… but unfortunately, i didn’t have enough time to dwell on the reaction mechanisms (which will take the bulk of the exam). i knew beforehand i suck in reactions that’s why at times like this i rely on acing the objective part of her exam… which is majorly stereochem. so by 6 i had to pause studying chem40 for a while and read my hist2 readings instead.

i wasn’t really worried on this part because i had a pretty good leakage. thanks soldier! wahehehe

same old thing, when i cram like this… i go to my exam unprepared. yeah, i haven’t taken a bath that time!! since it’s almost 10am, i had to rush to my first exam (hist2) so all i had in my hand is a ballpen and two bluebooks… and i went with my shirt and shorts. woooot. this isn’t the first time i went to an exam looking ‘dugyutin’. bwahahaa

after that i still had to prepare for my 10a class… seriously. i couldn’t care a damn anymore. i just changed my clothes and went there… >___>; and when i came there… i found out we have no classes but we are to pass the isometric views of our model houses on tuesday… it’s a groupwork so i really really do not care about it. typically there would be at least one genius in a group who would take care of everything… i’m not that… i will never be… so i thank my groupmate for taking the load! go you!

jed accompanied me to EE building to get my checklist… well i usually don’t care about it… i’m the mistress of academic indifference… but you see if i leave my classlist there unchecked… i’m afraid people i know will run through it and see my horrible grades. so i better spare myself the shame on that. i also took my grades list for last sem… wahahaha… what? i’m not expecting anything to change! i just took it to, yet again, spare myself the shame. hehehe…

btw, while walking to EE bldg, i saw a piece of playing card face down on the ground… i told jed, “ui.. hmmm… eto and maghahawak ng aking kapalaran!” and took the card and flipped it over and guess what! i got a queen of diamonds!

>___>; and this point i really think i’d be spending a black valentines.
i was hoping for a heart. but well, diamonds are spectacular enough.

there’s really no point in doing that. it’s just me annoying people because i haven’t slept all day! it was hard on my part to drink the prescripted sedative then drown myself with two cups of coffee right after. don’t you think this kind of lifestyle’s gonna kill me????

which is why against all odds, i’m going to do my best to transfer to college of fine arts in diliman… if i don’t then i’d rather die trying.

oh about the chem40 exam awhile ago?
it was like 90% the same as our 2nd lecture exam last sem! and i still think i didn’t do well.