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a missing sense of urgency

@ early morning i went to my PE class! more so… we were already taught how to tread on deep water! yeheey! and also, we were required to jump on two of the diving boards! one low and the other relatively higher… now that’s coooool!

it was my first time to jump on a diving board!!! and the best part of it was… i didn’t drown! yeah! i never thought it would be quite easy to survive in deep waters… unless there’s something below… >___>;

the high driving board was the scariest part though (well, everyone should agree) so i gathered up all my courage and jumped without hesitation because if i panic, wouldn’t get enough air… waaaah. funfunfun!!!!

@ mam boncocan is really considerate. i admit i’ve been really negligent of my GE subjects… especially her class… that i haven’t even submitted my waiver and fee for the upcoming felid trip this saturday. good Lord i have spare time that day so i was able to get a photocopy of the waiver at her pigeonhole, rush to the dorm to get my sister/guardian’s signature, and rush back in time to deliver the paper and money. unfortunately she has a class so i just stuck a note at her desk and left. whew. i hope she gets it. 🙂

@ haaaay, and right now i have a responsiblity to go back and study because i have two exams this thursday… chem40 and hist2… and God knows how much progress i’m doing.

it sucks not to have that positive sense of urgency on things that need to be put on high priority – i’m talking about my acads.

i’m afraid i’m wallowing too much on my thirst for a lovelife and those petty taiwanese series on youtube that i’m spending a generous amount of money satisfying my unecessary crave for subtitled dramas.

i wish i had better habits.
now it’s really up to me working on it.