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org issues >__>;

i guess you’re unlucky to ever stumble upon this entry. for two reasons:

a) if you’re not my brod/sis, you won’t understand a single thing below
b) but if you are, you might hate me forever for ever publishing this (esp. if you’re part of the newest batch)

now i don’t really feel like discussing it here because it seems inapropriate but since i wasn’t able to express it to the public (which i don’t really intend to), i gather it’s better to blurt it out here.

whew. we’re undergoing a lot of changes. while i think they’re for the better (the bulk is on disciplinary action), i still think there has to be a little space for consideration.

♠ the new DA – can we just start counting taras for the physical DA after it’s first implementation? so that it would be fair to those who are already in DA… err… what if you were already in DA and all you know is that for you to get out of your blasted status you have to attend, say, 5 major activities consecutively, so you prepared for that… then suddenly they changed the law and said that we’ll paddle you instead and you’re good… that’s kinda harsh. >___>;

that’s my only concern though.
most of the issues raised were resolved through speech (i dunno what will happen next). and i agree to most of them.

especially the batch clustering inside the org.
hahaha, our batch (equilibria – comprised of 3) isn’t really part of this mess but i still feel the tension regarding this issue.

i seriously think grephein is too much.
not just in number, but also in this kind of air they give me… which is not good.
maybe i think they’re too proud… or too involved with their batch that i think they should start a new org… or better yet resolve this issue.

i know this came off in an offensive manner, i’m too, for a lack of an english term, ‘badtrip’.

i hate generalizing because it’ll end in a rusty typecast that people will hate. >_>;

maybe all we need is to bond.
maybe new members also need to respect that 04 is two years older than 06 and three years older than 07.

i look up a lot to the 04’s because i think they’re the greatest batch that ever graced my existence, and with the addition of one batch i don’t want them to think that’s, ‘now it’s all about them. let’s leave it here’. wtdfck.

and rey, you were wrong when you said naiingit ang charter.
you were so wrong for ever putting that up.
can’t you scale down your comments for respect’s sake?

what. i have nothing against you.

ayoko lang ng mga tipong, kabago-bago.. pumapapel na.

now i know the feeling of hating someone new who entered your circle just to change things. i hate it that when someone new enters the scene, he does everything to change things for the better… NOT MINDING the current administration. i think if you’re still new, just be there to observe and do whatever is asked of your assistance… don’t fckng tell people around that the problem in this org is THIS AND THAT.

i tell you bro, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
just sit still, because time will come and you will start your reign as the senior of the organization. don’t rush things up because it’s becoming disrespectful (esp to those who are in charge).

now, that’s a different issue.
no questions allowed.