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i’ve been sleeping all day. >_>;;
not literally but i sleep anytime i get the cance to… even in the church. waaah.

so yesterday, my life is all about 2 freakin hospital trips. early morning we went to delos santos hospital to get a check-up regarding my alleged pneumonia and allergies… i sorta don’t trust the people there because we weren’t referred to a specialist, instead they just did their thing in a special clinic with different doctors… and i thought having a card gives you instant access to a reliable specialist. wtdhl.

so the nurse checked me out first, then referred me to this doctor, then to an EENT doctor and finally to an orthopedist…

the EENT doctor confirmed my allergies and gave me a prescription… after which i asked where could the chest pain possibly come from because i myself couldn’t figure out how it could be a symptom of pneumonia when i didn’t have a fever (the last fever i had is because of UTI) and cough… only colds which is in a form of allergy. know what he said… “baka lovelife?” man, i could only smile at his thorough analysis.

oh, the prescription he gave me is a anti-allergy which is also a sedative, that’s why i get a lot of naps this day… >_>;

after that the orthopedist gave me and my dad an anti-pneumonia vaccine.
i also had to repeat my urine test because we weren’t able to follow-up last month ago…

and because the urinalysis result isn’t available til 3pm and the doctor we were referred to will leave at 3, we decided to just go to my original pediatrician and hopefully get a sound second opinion… especially about my chest pain…

so after getting the lab result we went to capitol medical center for dr. magnaye. 🙂
i missed him! it was kinda embarassing on my part to still consult a pediatrician when i’m already 17 years old. most of the patients there were 10 below and it was really weird to see an adult-looking teenager wait for a pedia. however, i was delighted to see my doctor again. the last time i went to him was when i was 10! 🙂 he did change, but i see it’s for the better. now he looked like Tirso Cruz III to me! wahaha

he asked about my allergies, my fever last christmas, my xray result and tried to relate it to my chest pain. nothing seems to connect, he even mentioned that my case is quite “unusual”.

now i believe the EENT doctor.
it’s really weird.

but at least i can drop off the impression that is has something to do with the heart! yey.

oh he also mentioned I’M OVERWEIGHT by 10kgs. >___>;

that’s why i’m going to start watching my food intake from now on.
now let’s hope i make progress with this… because you see this is not the first time i vowed on this issue.