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crap >___>;

i wish i hadn’t volunteered to do robotics349, i never knew it would be this hard to create a critical paper on it. and to think that my partner was just dragged to it (because he was the last one to choose and everything else was taken…xept 349), it made me even more guilty to load the entire paper on his shoulders.

i was sick last night. >_>;
i didn’t have enough braincells to do the paper… but i did it somehow… and still thank him for participating in it.

i wonder why i got sick in the first place… it seems like everyweek i get a bizzare health problem and no symptoms seem to lead to a credible assumption. i only remember some things though i can’t figure out how it would lead to me having a fever. thursday night we went to lb square to chill… i drank a strawberry/kiwi smoothie and ordered a bottle of sm light as well… i mixed the two… it was heaven. i promised myself to go back there someday.

the next day, i didn’t attend my lab class so i didn’t get the chance to see my standing, anyway i know it wouldn’t be greater than or equal to 60. i met with kat and we went for a walk, in the process seeing kuya abet limping in the field… so we three went together… without any plans at all. we walked through the field… saw marious and co. and blahblahblah…

in short we did a lot of walking. i was tired, and weirdly enough i got sleepy so i wasn’t able to eat dinner with kat… i actually preferred to sleep. and when i woke up i realized, damn i’m sick. wtdfck.

i texted my parents, i told them not to worry.
why did i ever tell my mom i’m sick, anyway?! i would have chosen not to and lie to her that i had something to do over the weekend so that they would allow me to stay at the dorm. i really wanted to rest, and when i’m sick i hate travelling by bus… and a mental note says i should not miss tomorrow’s game with IESO. >_>; ctdcrp.

but heck, i hate lying…especially to my mom. so i told her my case. she called me and said they’ll fetch me tomorrow morning. I FCKNG DIDN’T WANT TO GO HOME! i insisted not to but my mom was on the verge of tears.

i see she’s bothered big time with my health.
and cries about something about her work. it’s doing great, and she’s thankful for that but alongside her good luck in work is a bad luck in health. you know, balance… or something like it.

so they fetched me. now i’m home… feeling better. 🙂

by the way, we’re laying-off on employees.

dad says our maid had a fight with one of our employees. so this guy employee got real mad that she punched our maid on the face. so it bled. so our maid got out and took a KNIFE from the kitchen and threatened to kill him. good thing dad came in between… would’ve caused a murder in the house.

my dad talked to our maid, saying “di mo ba alam na pwede kang makulong dyan?”
and you know what she said?
“haynaku, kuya. di ako natatakot! nagawa ko na noon yan, hindi ako nakulong.”