A very personal blog

layout still under construction

because i lost my patience fumbling over new blogger’s xml layout… i decided to just revert to my classic template and along with that came a lot of changes… whew.

1) can’t have the label cloud with varying heights anymore
2) none of those monthly archive links with the number of entries beside it
3) generally, i got a less strict html editor and with that… i cannot guarantee my skin to look well under different browsers

however as you can see… although this (below) certain problem can be solvable (??), i cannot dedicate my time on it..

♠ i lost the selective expandable post script with my layout restoration so all of my entries which are enlosed in [span id=”fullpost]here[/span] will be shown in its full text instead. however, with the installment (very soon!) of a classic-layout friendly script similar to the one i just lost… i’ll be able to do a new set of entries which are selectively expandabe… however again, the encosing tags will be changed to [span CLASS=”fullpost”]>__>;[/span] so yeah… i hope you get the drift… in short, i won’t be able to save those entries i cut with my new blogger layout because
1) they’re too many
2) i don’t know where to start (like, i don’t even know which entries are cut and which are not… though there’s a way… it’d be too troublesome on my part)

1) add counter
2) add tagboard
2) get the blogger comment link or rot with haloscan’s new unfriendly features
3) find a way to retrieve my OLD LINK LIST
4) edit horizontal navbar links
5) create an entry for Blogmistress and Contacts

if wonder if i should move to WORDPRESS.