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o ano nanaman?

i don’t know why i’m being like this.

it’s been one month! yuck ang corny, pero i can’t stop thinking about him. imagine, from the moment i wake till the second i sleep?? how much worse could this uninvited feeling get?
i read through my dear lord diary to check the day when i started mentioning about him. january 29 ata yun. see? mag-iisang buwan na!!!

sabi ko nga kay Lord, tuldukan nyo na please (kung wala naman talaga). look, we still have a lot to go through school and i was thinking na kung meron nga talaga (as in may mutual thing), we’ll stick as a group till the end. i dunno what’s gonna happen next, by experience… when i’m expecting something, it doesn’t happen. so i think this will end soon.

btw, i should be studying micro1 because we have an exam tomorrow at 10.
hahaha, i haven’t started studying!!!! oh no. hahaha

sige sige.
hopefully maka-aral ako! 🙂