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happy 900th post to me!

lol. it’s been almost 4 years and nearly a thousand entries!! wow, i endured a lot for a freakin space here in the web. hahaha

the jeepneys are on strike once again. they’re doing the same thing, voice out their grievances against the rerouting and the id system. i have nothing against it, i don’t care about it much. yes, i’m being indifferent, just like my fellow elbizens.

i wish i hadn’t attended my hist2 class awhile ago, she didn’t discuss anything about of supposed topic (which is hinduism), instead she made a 1 hour persuasive speech about the UP-students-are-activists-complex.

seriously, i don’t give a damn.
i’ve always been against rallies and such, it’s a big waste of time. nobody hears them, anyway.

the thing is, UP students have always been against the administration!
tell me, if a UP alumni is to be seated on the presidential throne, would it bring us to fight for the side of our leader?

i say, whoever sits there on the mighty executive chair is always subject to our remorseless scrutiny.

i just hate the idea that our prof is bringing up that WE MUST LIVE BY THE UP TRADITION OF BEING ACTIVISTS.

things change, man.
by being silent we are not being indifferent. by chosing to observe we are not ignoring the fact that our country’s political status has gone way down the cliff.

and definitely, by minding our personal business we are not being unaware of what’s happening.

swimming: yeeeehhheeeeeey!!!! and i thought i still have to finish the freakin 75 laps i missed! kuya lifeguard was wrong! i only missed 36LAPS!!! hurrayhurray!!! at least it was scaled down to more than 50%! yeeeaaaah! so awhile ago i did 30 laps, this thursday i’m gonna do 30 more to FINALLY clear my record.

oh, i love swimming. 🙂