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saving up disk space

i removed a lot of applications from our harddisk yesterday. goodbye limewire, AVG antivirus, a couple of applets, yahoo toolbar, and some other things…
and now i feel our computer sped up!
so i guess the issue here isn't really about a virus but our system being unable to allot enough virtual memory for multitasking.
i saved the avira antivirus because CNet hailed it as one of the most powerful free antiviruses in the web.
now, what i want to do is download XP themes. hehe our desktop's pretty dull. >___>;
awhile ago i was reading through my archives, specifically my highschool entries…hahaha it's so funny reminiscing the times i spent procastinating on exams and dozing off on homeworks… as if something has changed. no, nothing changed actually. still the mistress of procastination. bwahehehehe
we'll be going back to los banos in a matter of hours so i have speed up my research on our report on amines, amino acids and proteins.
yeeeey! swimming tomorrow… ohno, plus a make-up workout.
haha i have to do at least 50laps to cover 50% of my workload + the usual routine… haaaay then i'll be back on thursday to continue the rest of the 50%.
hahahah good luck! 😀 😀 😀