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looking back

i was looking through my ‘sent mail’ folder and managed to flip through some of the entries i mailed to my blog. i just actually want to ponder on a single entry, dated january 8, 2007 – about freeing myself from my self-proclaimed Zahir.

now i’m about to feel the same way again (or not..err we’ll see).
i was asking God for a sign, i told him that i want something to happen that will imply a barren relationship between the two of us. vague, i know but i sort of relied it on today’s activity. so whatever happened awhile ago must imply something. i’m actually thinking, how coooome it’s like that?

yes, i thought i wanted it to end!
but awhile ago proved there’s still something waiting to happen.
errr… at least that’s how i read things. >____>;;

ask me, how was the exam?
man, i was the first to turn the paper over and leave the lecture hall! lol, not that i answered fast… on the contrary…i skrewed up. ONCE AGAIN. no, for the NTH time now!

i wasn’t in the mood right after exam. i haven’t even taken a bath then! that’s why i went back to the dorm immediately… i took a bath and went to our hum1 class. i was hoping for something good to happen and i wasn’t disappointed naman. although i was spacing out, and not listening to our group. i was doing something else.

dang, i should’ve left my calculator.
btw, i didn’t attend my chem40 lec awhile ago…
i overslept.

dang me and my bad habits.