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coffee prince again… ♥

i’m watching coffee prince streaming media at mysoju right now… i sorta grabbed the chance to watch it here in los banos because you know how fucked up the internet connection is at our place… 🙂

anyhow… i’m only 2 episodes ahead… huhuhu. i can’t wait to watch the whole thing!!! bwahahaha… seriously, i sooo like Go Eun Chan’s character in the series!!! cross-dressers are cool! i’ve come to realize…

more so… earlier this morning i went to watch our softball game with SELES, i didn’t get to play even though deep inside i’d like to try. i really lack self-esteem you know. and i lack a lot…

which is why i realized something awhile ago… being timid wouldn’t get you anywhere. i mean, it takes courage to try something new and it also takes courage to battle the fear of making yourself look like an idiot in front of everyone. i sometimes think if i’m still going to swim. heck i’m too shy to wear a swimsuit… and i’m also afraid of competing… i always think these people are way better than i am.

you got it. inferiority complex.