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waiting for streaming media to download T_T

i’m back in los banos! quite a nice day i guess… i got here at 930am and decided not to attent my first class at 10, which is history2. the primary reason would be because i didn’t read her assigned reading and i have this feeling that of all my classmates, i am the one who is most obliged to do so… because i was the one who dissipated the homework info in the first place. >_>; arggh… >__>;

but you know, i attended my next class which is es10a – 1pm. thing is, only a few of us came so we sort of boycotted the class. according to the university rule, we shall wait for an hour before we leave but i guess because most of my classmates are impatient jerks, i just followed and left the classroom as well. i wouldn’t want to look like i’m so following the rules… even though deep inside, i would like to wait. those jerks…

kumare just bought a DVD and is doing a marathon of the series already! she promised to lend me the disc next week!!! I’M FREAKIN EXCITED!!!!! yeheeeeey!!!
i have a crush on andy!!!! 😀 hehehe, yeah, i like him (or her) more than the leading guy!!!

the series is perfect! (at least for me!) i love coffee and well, the whole homosexual theme is so new (in live action form) that’s why it made an incredible pilot episode… hahaha well… you know me. 🙂

haaay, i’m so excited to watch Coffee Prince again.


school again tomorrow… much worse they’re lab meetings! uggggh..T_T and as much as i’d like to go home already for the weekend… I CAN’T! because i volunteered to play on our softball game against SELES this saturday. waaaaaaahhhh…

but the thing is… i’ve been having PMS already and i bet it’ll come out anytime soon!! i just hope it’s not on saturday because usually, my first day is the crappiest of the seven days of bloody hell i go through every month. the earlier the better… like, could it be now?

grrr… >__>;