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romance novel idea #349

a random number which implies that i’ve been through tons of novel ideas but never really got the chance to write them down or even complete the story in my mind…

so here, i’m going to write down my most recent romance novel idea…
one day -that’s when i get my own laptop, a sponsor and a vocational course on writing- i’m going to write this.

so for the meantime… just try to understand the craziness of the plot.

meaning, everything stated below (or technically, everything in here) IS MINE -unless otherwise stated. i take pure custody of my written thoughts.

please, no matter how crappy my ideas may seem… DON’T STEAL. it could mean the death of an author.

title: i haven’t relly thought of it…
outline: heeeeeer ya gow!

♠ so there’s a main character, for the meantime let’s call him John.
♠ John is an undergraduate in a prestigious university undergoing his thesis research.
♠ blah blah blah, he met a girl we shall call (for the meantime) Sarah.
♠ so Sarah is also a student and a part time waitress at a decent bar.
♠ blah blah blah, they fell in love! oh the cliche…
♠ so they engaged in a relationship… a happy, weird and romantic one.. because John is kinda geeky and has really weird antics… blaaaaah

♠ but something quite unfortunate happened. John was diagnosed to have this severe psychological illness (wait till i get a good research, k?) in which he often experiences delusions.
♠ and sad to say, Sarah is part of this delusion.
♠ so the conflict here is whether he should get himself cured and totally eliminate Sarah from his mind, or get the proper medication and start a new life… without Sarah of course.
♠ so you know the drill, since John is so in love, he couldn’t get his mind to decide properly. he’s even accusing the doctor of false analysis…
♠ so he’s confused. he doesn’t know who’s real.
♠ is it his friends who brought him to the hospital (because they’re wondering why he’s always talking to himself and even introduced an invisible girl named Sarah to them) and the doctor who said he’s mentally ill?
♠ or is it Sarah, his friend, his lover, the most special person in his life?

well, i gotta leave it here… but rest assured everything has been thought out already! hurray for a romance novel idea! hahahaha

ang weird diba… hehehe