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it’s Rizal day!
but more importantly (yeah, i guess so because i don’t really have that much patriotism in me to go on a pilgrimage this day) it’s my wuvies Martha and Carla’s Birthday!!! yeah beybeh!
oh, i’m so sorry for putting our national hero aside but we don’t usually celebrate this day like other traditionalists do… at least i know what this day is worth… 🙂

i still admire you Rizal. i just hope it goes about changing the Philippines that way.

change topic my friends! you see, i love my country but at present i think i’m still more of a liability than an asset! wait till i get a job and perhaps that’s when i can seriously prioritize some of my socio-economic plans to help our nation! bwahaha

i watched kid nation awhile ago and was caught by Alex! he’s so cute! and he won a Gold Star! yeah!! 😀

hope he wins!