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oh, it's almost new year

to tell you honestly, i’m bored.

the last christmas party i attended was back with my dormmates (the 19th, if i could remember correctly)… if you’d still like to count the org party then sure, but since it’s just on the same day and all i ever did there was drink and play cards…. fine, i’ll include that.

but it doesn’t change this… err… loneliness that i feel. not exactly lonely like emo-lonely, it’s more like the lack of parties attended this season that made me feel bad.

i’m not really a party-girl, heck i just want to be around the people i love (luuuuurve) this season and this pretty blasted sickness robbed me of that opportunity. i was supposed to go partying with my friends last wednesday, it’s a xmas-slash-carla-and-martha’s birthday party all rolled into one event. i cannot afford not to attend that. then again, i just got discharged from the hospital and it’s not adviseable to go wasting my life for the nth time.

am i really wasting myself partying?
oh, best answer would be NO. it’s not like i do it everyday. hahaha, the season just calls for it! big DUH. christmas is spelled party backwards… including new year!!

I WANT GIFTS!!! huhuhuhu

new year new year, according to feng shui, the year of the Rat will be full of misfortunes for people born under the Horse!!! wenkwenk.

the least i could do is ignore it…
and perhaps purchase a relatively strong lucky charm… err..

i’m chatting to vrey right now. all about shifting… hmmm… i’m not worrying anymore about the requirements of the CFA (college of fine arts) in diliman because i think i’d be able to handle it… whew, what i’m worrying about is my current college’s attitude towards transferees/shiftees!! they hardly let anyone shift out! wtf.

anyway, it’s all up to you, dear Lord. 🙂

i miss going to the mall! hahahaha 😀