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a happy new year to everyone!

yeah it’ll be 2008 in exactly 4 hours.

honestly, i think time flew by so fast. i could still clearly recall what happened last new year’s eve. per usual i spent it with my family, here in our house, at the rooftop… without any fireworks whatsoever… it has been a tradition for us not to purchase anything that will be displayed in the sky although it’s quite a sad thing because i could just imagine us throwing fireworks on the rooftop!!! everyones’ eyes would be on our house! on that spot where the highest fireworks are sparkling at the midnight sky. it would be a most pleasant view. too bad…

but then again, showing off fireworks on our rooftop is just the second best thing we could enjoy this eve… the first and best would still be the fact that we have the best view in the whole subdivision when it comes to the night sky! i could go stargazing everyday (provided it isn’t raining/cloudy)! and yeah, we could watch the fireworks without the annoying cables and electric posts… and trees too.

i’m not really fond of doing resolutions y’know… i’m more a wishlist type of girl. hahaha and later, my sister and i agreed to create a new 101 wishlist before midnight then we’ll pray it over with our family.

it’s all about getting closer to God now.

i missed talking to him. i can’t believe how far i’ve drawn myself away from him over the past year. maybe that’s why i’ve been trekking a downhill path ever since i entered college, ever since i let the academic pressure take over my dire life. i thought my being a warrior last last summer, my life of everyday prayer, is enough to arm me throughout my life in los banos. i thought that when you prayed a lot tonight, it will bring you enough blessings to last you for a week.

i thought i could just easily pass on a prayer and still be blessed for a week or so.
but the truth is, i have always been blessed, even during the times i don’t pray. He is so generous about blessings that i guess one of the advantages of praying is that it gives us more appreciation to the blessings He has bestowed upon us.

prayer arms us with an extraordinary kind of perspective that let’s you see only the good things in the world. without it, all the blessings that has always been there for you will be masked for hiding. and you’ll think that all that there is in this world is a pile of misfortune and an unbearable amount of mischief and poverty.

whew. it was never a smooth year for us… i mean, every year isn’t as smooth as what we prayed it to be. but it’s damn unforgiveable if we stop praying with just that. hah. >_>

okok, i’ll pray. it’s so hard to bring back my childhood motivation about praying. back then i used to pray out loud because that’s how my parents taught me and that’s how we do it in sunday school. but now, huhuhuhu, i can’t even sit straight in prayer without sleeping. everytime i do an indian sit on the prayer room and clasp my hands in prayer, i always end up sticking it on my forehead for support, then goes the obvious… zzzzz.


here goes another wishlist!

# a set of multicolored pens from steadtler. i guess a set would cost around 600-700php. hehehe
# new rubber shoes. haha always in my wishlist!
# money would still be #1
# a few cute earrings and lots of pakaw. haha
# multicolored metallic pens.
# markers, multicolored too. hehehe
# bond papers
# lots of oslo paper

haha, i’m asking for a lot of art materials.
oh, an immaterial wish would be

# to transfer to upd fine arts next AY.
whew. rakenrol!