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time magazine hailed the iphone as 'invention of the year'?

wooooot! the haryxdraco fangirl in me is resurfacing yet again (uhm, is that redundant?)! hehe, thanks youtube! even though it’s a big pain in the ass to wait for the videos to download completely, you make my day worthwhile! hehehe

good news! finally, i’ve found a reliable flv converter!
check out Freez FLV Converter. i swear it’s really good, well… at least for now. 🙂 hehehe it only converts flv to two outputs, .avi and .mpeg (mpeg1 or 2, whichever, i don’t really know the difference) and that’s good enough already. unlike other converters i’ve tried, this one doesn’t take a lot of time to convert plus you can adjust the quality settings.

there you go. 😉
have you heard of Super Media Converter? that’s the first one i’ve tried. it’s a pretty good freeware, except that it crashes down when the version you’re using is outdated already and has been replaced with a newer one. anyhow, what i like about it is that, by far, it’s the MOST COMPLETE media converter i’ve seen which is an opensource… and you can convert anything to everything (provided that it’s of media file format, duh). the thing i don’t like about it though, is its sort of user-hostile interface. for beginners, i don’t recommend it because the system is very hard to learn. once you run the product, you’d be faced with a window that practically shows everthing. i mean, all the functions are jammed up in one window already, so by all means you should know what you are clicking before you punch in the convert button. and they don’t have ‘default’ settings so you have to adjust everything by yourself. harharhar, i don’t have patience to learn all that.

then again, for people who are already gurus in the business and want to try it, go ahead, search for super. the company is already generous enough to offer a product like that at no cost so try it before they begin asking for fees. >___>

also from Freez, i got another software that converts flv to mp3. this isn’t really mainstream but i found it useful when the mp3 that i like is only available in music video form, and i don’t like the video. try it, it’s quite useful so you don’t have to download the mp3 version of the music used in a vid. 🙂 🙂

wait wait, there’s more.
i just received my regular cnet update and found out that Time magazine hailed the iphone as ‘invention of the year’

here’s my two cents on it:

i fucking don’t agreeeeeeee!!!! first, it’s not even an ‘invention’. i don’t know how else to explain it but really, it’s not an invention. lol. and it doesn’t deserve the award. maybe i’d rather call it ‘most innovative gadget of the year’, yeah suits better. harharhar.