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pandesal, please!

i want pandesal!!!! 🙁

ok, so what do you think is the reason why i’m still awake at this point of time (4:10am)???? simply because… i can’t sleep.
like usual, man.

here’s how fucked up my body clock is at present: i can’t sleep! i spend 5 hours on the bed wide awake and struggling to fall into slumber. believe me, i tried closing my eyes and pushing away all thoughts that might cross my mind in hopes of feeling sleepy but i still end up awake. fuck. then at around 5-6am, that’s the time when i feel sleepy… and hell, i wake up at 12 noon (or when someone wakes me up) then sleep again (directly after lunch!) and wake up at around 7pm!

man, so if lunch isn’t served and there’s no one to wake me up, i might just end up sleeping for 14hours straight! tell me it’s crazy. i totally hate that sleeping pattern.

and of course, school is to be blamed for these super unhealthy routine. i didn’t realize i’ve been doing this for roughly 6 months already! and that’s mainly the reason why i don’t attend my morning classes and doze off at my 1pm lecture last sem. when i get back home after classes i immediately drop myself to bed and sleep. and only the opening song of Marimar can wake me up… hehehe

wouldn’t want to miss sergio kasi. >__>

and right now, i was planning to continue playing Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Manor but decided to just do a quick (and kinda long) blog entry then go back to sleep (and hopefully get a decent one). i’m so close to finishing the game! i’ve gathered all 20 diary entries and have found the 7 keys that would unlock the last door but unfortunately, i realized i couldn’t get through without a cheat (because it’s damn confusing)… that’s why i went online.

hehehe, ok. i’ll go upstrais now. bye 🙂