A very personal blog

not productive

i haven’t studied yet. i have two quizzes tomorrow both of them having very long handouts. ha, that’s the least of my problem… >___>;;

i already went online awhile because our history teacher didn’t show up, during that time i already made a very long post about my utterly biased opinion on the issue of traditional vs. digital art (i’m for trad) but decided to just leave is at a draft for the meantime. i mean, i’ve been babbling about the same concern ever since! and until now i can’t seem to get enough points to back myself with the argument that being an artist lost it’s exclusivity and sacredness ever since the emergence of tons of digital art programs/softwares became mainstream and photoshop became the producer of virtual canvasses. >____>;

ok, let’s leave that.

i was thinking of switching to LJ. i’m very concerned about my err ‘private life’… also, i don’t want a lot of people (especially those i know) reading my blog entries. not that there’s much, i actually perefer strangers than friends when it comes to developing good readership. point is, i hardly want anyone to sympathize with me. sometimes i always end up overly conscious with what i’ve written, specially that this blog is always linked to my other pages… >___>;; waaaah.

LJ or Blogger???? wooot.

more so…
i don’t feel like performing in jami’s debut anymore. simply because i don’t want to look epal. besides, i still haven’t prepared for it. she said the motif is red. well, i don’t have a red dress! i haven’t even bought her a gift!!! mehn, i have a lot of buy this weekend.

haaay, ok. i’ll study now. 😐