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what i have to say about our chem40 lab instructor:

hell, he has a lot of expectations!!! well, what great performance could you possible get from a class mainly consisting of first takers (excluding me, of course!). i got that from experience, now don’t argue. being a 2nd taker clearly has its benefits.

what else? i think, i’ll be learning more from him than i did with my previous instructor. i like the way he makes sure everything is explained, as well as how he provokes our minds to do simple mechanical logic on the way the instruments to be used are designed. take note too: he makes SUPER LONG prelab discussions it takes a lot of our hands-on experiment time. plus! he doesn’t dismiss us immediately, he wants to make sure he has told us every piece of information we should harness ourselves with…. include unsolicited advice here. but that’s ok, he’s fun. i can tell. 🙂

however, he can get too harsh on us. by that, i mean he isn’t gentle when pointing out that what we’re doing is wrong and downright unforgivable. when we were shaking the freakin separatory funnel with the dicloromethane and liquid organic extract, he was like “hindi ganyan!!”

like crazy, man. he startled us big time.

anyhow, through his emails i can see that he is quite a gamer. his username speaks of an RPG character and his notes are funny, in a semi-unforgivable way. and he puts opening and ending remarks like

to my adorable students,

(insert degrading-slash-funny-and-enlightening remarks here)


– sensei alvin

i’m looking forward to learn more from him. more so, i don’t want him to learn i’m a second taker, because swear, i don’t want him expecting a lot from me or from anyone else for that matter.

and ultimately,
i want to pass chem40 this time.