A very personal blog

entry number 8-hundredsomething

i dunno. i’m slacking off again. maybe there’s really not much to do, but i like it this way. i only have 3 subjects a day and all of them have at least 1 hour intervals, what can i say? i love my schedule though i have to sacrifice my being a sophomore for it.

i’m being negligent of my duties in the org. i’ve never attended a single meeting of the publications committee. i’ll have the weather to blame for that, plus my retarded phone who receives important messages 3 hours late.

i’m trying to save a lot of money for this semester, i’d like to invest on books. though i’ve said this before… i never really had the chance to religiously update my collection of books because those that i like are either new releases or too expensive that sooner or later i just forget about them.

hum1 is really exciting me. whenever our teacher explains the things to expect on his subject (ie. lots of readings, poetry, short stories, WRITING, critical evaluation…) i become excited! clearly because these are the things that interest me a lot…

i’m also looking forward to Hum2 (art) because duh, that’s ART!!! my favorite craft!!

which reminds me, i’m sort of regretting the path i’m trekking right now. it isn’t paved to say the least. it’s muddy and downright annoying. what i’m trying to say is that, I MISSED THE FACT THE UPD FINE ARTS HAS ADVERTISING AS ITS MAJOR!!

then again, i think i still stand a chance! teka teka, naexcite ulit ako! i don’t think it would be that hard to transfer to Fine Arts!

hehehe, we’ll see about that!