A very personal blog


i wish this blog had been filled with more sensible posts. then again, you’d hardly get that from me. bwahahahaha. i miss my friends. berimats. whew. i’m getting fatter and fatter by the minute! i should’ve joined my parents and sister at crossroads 77 today for the dawn watch, a small ministry at the top of the building. they always go there to pray then afterwards head to qc memorial circle to exercise. there in the park is a bounded area where people congregate to dance their way to fitness! you pay twenty and get a ticket then go in and do taebo!!! there’s an instructor there on the stage and people just go follow him and his fat burning steps. man, i need to workout!!!! >_>

omaygad, Sergio is my new crush! Marimar just seems to get hotter and hotter by each episode! man, i would love to have my own Sergio. his hands are big! he can just hug you tight and you’d feel safe for the rest of your life! haaay ♥ owkamownaw.