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marimar marimar marimar… ♥

the whole family is addicted to it! what can i say, joyce bernal yan eh! everything is perfect! imagine a reknowed movie director do wonders on a TV series! i could just see each episode with film like quality… omaygad. >____> i’m fantasizing with my own Sergio. @_@

much more, i’m once again caught in gerald santos’ music. he sings like he’s serenading you with his sweet ballads. his songs are heartwarming (not to mention heart-melting too) and sincere. i haven’t heard someone sing better than he does. man, i’m getting frustrated with downloading a decent mp3 of his song ‘mahal kita’…from marimar of course. i want to have his version of ‘huwag ka lang mawawala’ as well…. grrrr… >_>

to all the staff of marimar, please release a Marimar OST SOOOOOOON. it’s killing me. better yet, please produce another album for Gerald Santos. ♥ ♥

when i get married (err, someday), i wish to get Gerald Santos as our wedding singer. ^______^

ngek. kinikilig parin ako! >____>;
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥