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games galore! yeheeeey

i’m making the most of my sembreak by drowning myself in games! thanks to my roommate, i have acquired two brand new cool games to play here in the computer, straight from her desktop…which is in our room hehehe.

the one is Zuma, exactly like tumblebugs, only with a different theme and no bugs. i’m on level 8, utterly frustrated to go through the third of the 7 parts without exhausting my life line. >_> one more level to go before i finally get that, uhhh, Zuma’s incentive. whatever. >_>

the other one is an installment of Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Manor. this one’s pretty cool too, it’s not kiddy… it’s a seek-and-find game with puzzles. yehey, i’m enjoying the gaaameeess.

hehehe. have i told you i fancy new notebooks? i love checking them out in bookstores… feeling the paper, evaluating if my penmanship would be good on that brand. hahahaha, freak freak. >_> i’m over with cattleya, i figured no matter how hard i try, my penmanship would suck there and i will left unmotivated to take down notes on it. maybe it’s psychological, or maarte lang ako sa notebook. wahehehehe. but all my notebooks last sem (except my math notebook) is cattleya and the sem ended with my notes not on my notebooks, but on scatch papers… that got lost, thrown and crumpled. i don’t really recall. >_> and my math notebook? it’s my proudest notebook so far, because my notes are really clean there. it’s avanti i guess. seeee? hahaha. this is pointless.

i just want to tell you i’m excited to start the second sem and christen my new notebook (a big refillable one!) with my first subject… uhh, hopefully math37. 🙂