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come on zen!

i came across a back-up cd just now and i’m delighted to see some of the files i deemed lost forever were luckily saved! after losing my amelie soundtrack, i got depressed over the thought of downloading the whole 20 tracks again… that would take me forver, given a very FAST 46.6 kb/sec internet connection… >_> but then i saw a folder named ‘amelie’ and saw all the 20 tracks there! saved! yehey! then there are some application installers too! and a couple of games! i thought i had lost them already! thank goodness… yehey!

i have a lot of mp3s on that folder. man, ity only triggered my desire to purchase the Creative Zen. only ebay has it. ebay philippines, man. and i could only wonder how the seller got it when it has never been released here. connections, duh. probably from someone in the states or somewhere else. it really shouldn’t rock me big time. >_>

man, i have to buy that 11K worth of mechanical treasure. and i can’t do so without sweeping clean my entire savings for the semester. >_> i wanna buy it now dammit! T__T;

apparently, my mom confirmed i have allergies… like my sister. i’ve been sneezing ever since the start of the first sem and i don’t seem to run out of colds for that matter. my health has gone terribly bad.

and it all started when i took the summer class. >_> remember i had to endure 2 months inside a hellish NEWLY-PAINTED dormitory? yeah, man i must have inhaled all the paint and aquired a lot of boysen deposits in my lungs. >_>

i don’t like being unhealthy. >_>

i am craving for pandesal!!!!
daddy, go home now! >_>