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i thank God for today. even though most of you would consider this really terrible, i still thank God… because i finally have the sembreak for myself! 😀


♠ math36 – 5
i took the removals exam awhile ago and it was freakin hard! and i thought the removals are always always easier than the finals. i should’ve studied during the finals na lang sana diba? so with no further delay, i now declare my grade to be 5. thankyouverymuch.
♠ chem32 – 5
my lab instructor said so… even without the classcards out. it pretty obvious anyway
♠ chem40 – 5
as posted outside her unwelcoming faculty room

but then again, i am not awfully depressed. all of those were expected. i made a mental note to myself not to expect anything higher than a 4. and indeed.

according to the student’s handbook, if a student fails 75% of her workload on a semester, he/she shall be DISMISSED FROM THE UNIVERSITY.
and if my calculator serves me right, because i don’t believe in my mathematical skills anymore, i am 1 UNIT close to being dismissed (in short. goodbye UP! or face the grim process of readmission- conditional pa yun.waaah!).

out of the 20 units i took this semester, i only passed 6 units (with earth-rocketing colors pa yun ha. in short-mababa.)!

math36 is 5 units
chem32 is another 5
chem40 thankgoodness is only 4units even though it has a freakin laboratory subject.

14 units!
triple warning for the OSA!
i’m on probation nooooowww!!!!

and there’s no hope of me transferring because even if i get a GWA of 1.00000 next sem, my overall GWA would still lie between 2.5 – 3.0 and that’s not going to put up a good competition among the mob of tranferees on my preferred course in diliman.

i’m stuck. dammit. stuck in this,errr, bars that i’ve unconsciously jailed myself in.
i’m stuck! yeahboi.

and everytime i think of it, i feel like shit. especially that i have an org, and the people there are (may i borrow this term) uberly academic conscious that i think of myself unworthy to be part of the pack. now i’m being regretful. now i don’t EVER want to see any of them again. fuck. i shouldnt’ve have joined this sem. it would be a shame. as i’ve always mentioned before, i don’t like the way they brag about their towering academic acomplishments… if you were in my shoes, you’d feel the ground softening into a quicksand, swallowing you alive. yeah, and they won’t notice, because you don’t have a plackard saying you got a 1.0 on chem40. fuckitall.

then again, i’m glad….weh. 🙂
i’m happy actually. i want a medium sized m&m stormblaze from snowstorm. and that big acryl refillable notebook from national bookstore.

which reminds me, i still have to go back home.

*dear mommy and daddy, sorry for wasting your money. >_> can i just file for LOA and work? i think i’m better off as an OSY, selling dried mangoes on the bus, handing down a piece paper on the passengers which says, “HI, I’M ARIANNE, AN OUT OF SCHOOL YOUTH. I AM HERE TO SELL YOU SPECIALLY MADE DRIED MANGOES. FRESH FROM THE TREE..blahblahblah”

or maybe i’ll just go sell makeups, bras and undies from AVON. >_> i’m sure i’ll be earning more than you wasted paying for my blasted tuition fee.

*wahahaha JOKE!

part of why i slacked-off is that my parents don’t mind if get a 5. they actually stop me from studying when i look like i’ve burned what’s left of my eyebrows!
wahehhehehehhe…. thank yoouuu mommy and daddy!!! i love youuuu!!!! 😀 😀

i’ll go home na!!
ice cream! ice cream!