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so back on the 24th, we we’re having fun in Enchanted Kingdom…

and NOW, i’m back in elbi… to face the grim reality of being an in-progress academic probee… kat texted me (just awhile ago) that i got a 4 in math36 and i have to take the removals exam tomorrow, 2-4pm.

the moment i read the text message (i was in qc by then), i groggily told my mom that i have to take on a trip back to elbi because as much as i’d love to study at home, i don’t have what you call those ‘study tools’ or simply ‘props’ in my vocabulary… ngek. so i went back to elbi…

and now that i’m in elbi, mas inuna ko pa mag internet. hehehe… 🙂

OCTOBER 24, 2006…
early morning i was having doubts on pushing through with the outing because it’s raining hard! good thing pat insisted or else i’ll be regretting pulling the trip off… 🙂 all in all 9 of us came!
me, terai, vynne, pat and her bf, kim, jayjay, steffi and ate ruth!
yehey! i had fun! even though it rained! it’s a good experience!

yeah! next time ulit, k? 🙂

it’s study time! yeaaah!! 😀