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i’ll miss my lts1 classmates. it’s the best class i’ve had this sem, so far. even though i’ve already reached the maximum absences i could have, and i’m always lazy to come to class because of the time, it’s still good. and it’s because of the laughter it brings. it’s like a relief subject, you know, something you could opt not to attend but wouldn’t want to miss because it serves as an ice breaker to all your demanding subjects. 🙂 i’ll miss my classmates. my performance in this class would probably range between 1-5 in a scale of 10 because i’m not really participative and i’m kinda shy…yeah. but i’ve got a lot of friends here. lol.

well, that’s lts1 for you. so sad it’s gonna end soon… 🙁

exam here, exam there. and i’m not studying. >_>

btw, there’s a puppy sitting outside the dorm. last night, while terai was going home, she was surprised to notice a puppy following her. and indeed, it followed her to the dorm, and until now… it’s still there… so cute!!! but it stinks and it has galis. but still, it’s so cute! it seems like a half-askal half-beagle. i love puppies, mehn >_>

okok, sige na nga mag-aaral na ko. para hopefully may maipasa naman akong exam. hehe… as in! wala pa kong napapasa tapos ang standing ko… aba, pang singko!!! para yan sa dalawa kong chem, hahaha.

goodluck to me!
pero ang saya saya ko parin. bat ganon.