A very personal blog


as usual, i skrewed up during the test awhile ago. man, they should’ve told us to memorize the whole fucking schematic diagram! he, i’m not blaming anyone. 🙂 even if they told us, i would just stare at the stupid handout anyway.

like, reaaaallly study.

but i’m trying! but then again, my efforts are kinda invisible… and you know me, i’m easily distracted. this kind of work… or this kind of lifestyle does not suit me, you know… memorizing a whole junk of weird names. i’d rather get deadlines for boring articles and psych1 journals than stay up late being utterly unproductive. like a fish staring outside its aquarium.

glog.glog.glog. did anyone notice i’m drowning?

upon introspection, i realized i am someone who hates pressuring myself. i’m laid-back and care-free. i can pull off fits of laughter even when i’m facing, uhhh, the greatest failure! mehn, i’m a happy person. only the people close to me notice that. it’s weird, yeah, that i can live without the slightest pressure when everyone else is burning their bodies at the stake just to get a decent grade. as for me, yeah i care about my grades, i’m also worried about my academic standing but i don’t go gaga over it. i don’t comply to other people’s expectations. repeat kung repeat. there’s nothing shameful about it. 🙂 lol. i love boasting about my failures.

i’m also pessimistic. my friends say so because i keep on telling them “waaah i haven’t passed a single exam yet! and the sem is ending already! i’m gonna repeaaaattt! repeaaattt! repeaaattt!” lol. but i laugh when i tell that. i hate self-pitying. lol. i love jumping into conclusions and ending up with a totally different ending. it makes my life more interesting. hehehe.

my crush makes me smile. everytime i think of him, i just smile. hehehehehehehehehee

haaaay. ang dami dami pang exaaaaams. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa