A very personal blog

like crazy, man!

i am so fucking tired. i had two exams this day, math36 and physics3 and fuck, i spent a total of 4 hours answering blasted problems and punching my calculator like crazy! btw, i’m in netopia right now… just for the heck of it. ok, so back to this day shall we? okiedokie. i’m quite happy that i’m done with this day’s exams. that’s a humongous 2 items to be slashed off my exams-list!!! hurray hurray! i guess i can just drink you know. hehehehe.

warning: long entry ahead!

everyone’s damn thrilled to get over this seemingly endless semester. as for me, i am no different! i want this semester to end! i want a brand new life next semester. cheers.

my eyes hurt like hell, man. this may be due to lack of sleep. but then again, i still sleep… it’s just that it’s not on the right time. i sleep during afternoons and wake up around 9pm (or later). and that’s when i start doing my nocturnal agenda… which includes sitting at the living room and chatting with my dormmates, going to Astra to watch anime, getting back to the dorm and chatchatchat again then feel hungry and walk to Parduch bakery to buy 5 pieces of tagalog (plus cassava cake if there’s any) and 2 sachets of maxwell instant coffee. that’s pretty much how my life goes every night… and then after Marimar (or MMK, bubblegang..whichever’s on air at the moment), that’s where i go back to my room and get all my books and notebooks… they’re called study tools but with me they remain as props.

time check by then: 11PM.
see??? see how much time i wasted ‘warming-up’ for study and ending up being unproductive????? yeah. like crazy, man!

i don’t know how i will be able to pull off a lot of effort to study for the final exams.

♠ first and foremost, i hardly attend my classes anymore.
♠ second and worse, my notes. i quit taking notes in my notebook anymore. i jot them down on scratch paper and end up losing it in a pile of random junk.
♠ third and disgusting. i have NEVER EVER passed a single exam this semester (on all my subjects, man!) yet. my grades are ranging from 30-40%. that’s not even a grade. hehe
♠ lastly. fourth and lethal… i think i don’t want to study anymore.

i’m becoming very very ‘internaly’ pessimistic but people still view me as a happy person. in fact, no one’s worrying about my standing because they know i’ll just laugh it all off. which is kinda sad, no one cares if i get on probation because they know i am hardly affected by things like that, things that occur almost naturally in my dire years. i smile on my successes and rejoice in my failures. T_T;; how complicated is that. am i not called to excel too?

woot! -end of drama-

last sem i only take in a cup of coffee a day. but now, goodnessgracious, i take in a minimum of 2 cups of instant coffee per day!! wahaha adik!! and i sleep at 3am. my body clock has adjusted to that time already. sleep during the afternoon, and stay until morning. wtf.

sembreak.sembreak. only you can fix my stupid body clock. and because my body is indeed stupid, i forgot to wake up early awhile ago for my first exam, math36. i alarmed my phone at 8am but i woke up 9!!! and our exam starts at 9! fckfckfckfckfckfckfck! i was in a mega hurry. hahahaha, i just grabbed a shirt and pants and walked off without even taking a bath, brushing my teeth or even washing my face. and my eyes fucking itches that morning that people think i have sore eyes. great day, man!

i think i need to change my alarm tone. i need something more scandalous, something that would really wake me up from deep slumber. my current alarm tone is the theme from Rugrats. hahaha, e ang cute e. dahil dyan, i keep on snoozing it. heheheheehhehehe. and i end up always late during my first class. wahahaaaay.


oh, the third and disgusting part… that was an exagerration. i did pass an exam, ONCE… but it was take home. >_>;;