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a great evil comes with a great need

i didn’t buy an umbrella again. i promised myself to buy one last weekend but apparently, i got too scared to shell out money intended for my savings… again. and besides, i didn’t have too much money left to buy an umbrella. anyhow, i know i should buy one, the rain’s gonna soak me dead before i even take the finals. >_>

and because i don’t have any umbrella with me this day, i resorted to do one evil thing that might put me in the trial courts of hell. i stole an umbrella. and it’s a good one, i tell you. it’s a big blue umbrella that looks really sturdy against the wind, a perfect sheild for this season of storms. how i got it?

here’s how:
it was during our physics lecture awhile ago that i noticed a huge stack of umbrellas lying on the behind the fire exit. i immediately thought of taking one, even though i know i don’t own any of them. i was eyeing the multicolored long umbrellas, trying to check if there’s a hint of Fibrella or Super or just anything with a good name…. haha. then after the lecture, i asked our instructor if those umbrellas were left by students… and even LIED that i left my umbrella there. she said yes so i hurriedly inspected the good ‘ol ‘brellas, looking for that one umbrella that’s big enough to shield me from the rain and simple enough not to get easily noticed (in case the real owner spots me using it). that’s how i got the big blue umbrella. hehehehe

then while walking out of the lecture hall, the hall technician -who always sits on the far end of the lecture hall (that’s his job, duh)- asked me if the umbrella was mine and i answered yes and he just nodded and i went gracefully out of the room.

big whew. my seatmate was laughing big time. i stole once and lied twice… what’s next? hehehe. now i understand why criminals do the things they do… just like what i wrote in the title, a great evil comes with a great need.

though i cannot entirely say i’m a great evil because man, it’s just an umbrella! but even so… i was partially consumed with guilt the whole day that i decided to actually RETURN the umbrella, come my last class… which is also physics (this time- lab) i looked around the lecture halls for the technician and spotted him right there, where he usually sits… but man was i hesitating to give the umbrella back. >_> i think fate brought it to me! yeahroight. then i saw pat (a classmate from my physics lecture class), and told her this petty moral dilemma i’m struggling against. well, you know people, they’ll always take the good side. she advised me to just leave the umbrella there and she’s even kind enough to lend me an umbrella too!!

that actually left me with no reason but to return the freakin umbrella. yuck, i talk like it’s been with me most of my life! haha but seriously, the MAJOR MAJOR reason why i want to return the umbrella was that… IT HAS A SURNAME WRITTEN ON IT. goodnessgracious. i’d be dead smitten if the owner finds out i stole his umbrella. hehehe. so i talked to the technician, he’s like the guard of the two lecture halls in physci building, and LIED for the third time… i said to him that i have to return the umbrella because i figured out it wasn’t mine after all, i even said that mine looks just the same, big and blue but when i saw the name written on it i was automatically robbed of ownership with it. that’s how it went, and man was he really nice to me about it! he told me to just use it for a while because it’s raining and he also said that when someone looks for it he’ll just say that he let another student use it for awhile becuase poor little iska has no payong and it’s bagyo all over. bwahahaha

cool! i thanked him for his generosity and asked him when must i return it… and he said, ‘ikaw bahala’.

hah!! fate has its way of changing an object’s ownership in an instant.
now all i have to do is device a way of erasing that surname from the umbrella to comepletely save me for man’s naturally cruel nature.