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♠ jasper test ♠

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anyhow, it’s just a career chorva test.
i knew it, i’ve always been a visionary. which makes MY LIFE RIGHT NOW really dull because the field i am desperately trying to fit myself in isn’t visionary in the least sense. this, you know, life… is not for me. people in our department demand exemplary analytic skills. and i only have logic sad to say… and a portfolio shouting I HATE MY JOB!!! >_>

i am very inclined to creative brainstorming. i love composing ideas and scenes. waaaaaaaahhhh. i just love thinking of different, random ideas. you can just manipulate them to make it fit for a story board! man how awesome would it be if were able to get into a big movie or play production (offscreen, man)!!

wooooot. exam again tomorrow. 🙁 🙁