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this is bad…. indeed

i didn’t attend my physics lecture class awhile ago because i thought there will be no classes. i texted a classmate before rising from my bed and she replied, ‘no. walang pasok’, so i went back to sleep. it’s too late when i received a text message from another classmate who says, ‘may pasok’. haynaku, tinulog ko na lang. >_>

when it’s 11am, that’s the time when i finally thought of getting up to prepare for my next class (chem40 lecture) at 11:30. man, i think my roommate wants to spank me already for snoozing my phone almost everytime it alarms. it’s annoying pala. sorry.

hehe. and because i’m late for my next class. i decided to ride the jeep to save time. unfortunately, because today is our grand Alumni Homecoming, the roads to Men’s Dorm and Physci building were CLOSED. wtf. and we have to take a detour to forestry to be able to get down to the lower campus. but then, bad luck strikes once more. another road was closed because of some chorva bungguan so the jeepney driver just called us off the vehicle. man, do you know where they dropped us? VETMED DORM!!!! that’s like a good half kilometer walk from where i was supposed to go! and because i’m super late, i didn’t panic anymore. >_> i just waaaaaalked.

so i walked by freedom park and got caught my the presentations in front of DL Umali. and since i’m already late, i didn’t make an effort to go to class anymore. in short. i skipped my last chem40 lecture class for the semester just to watch the presentations. 🙂

man, was it mega hot out there. but compensation came quite shortly when the hosts asked us to transfer to the grandstand to watch the Silent Drill of the PMA Batch 2008 – Baghawi.

they rocked! grabe. super galing! and there was a girl! huray to her! it’s just now that i started to admire men in uniforms! they’re sooooo cooooool! everything is well rehearsed! wahehehehe… i got a few pictures in my phone… i’ll be transfering them to my multiply this sembreak. hehehehe

anyhow. when the show ended, i left the field and walked to my next class, chem40 lab. and what a blast, my classmate (who just came out from the lecture class i didn’t attend) said we won’t have lab today. >_> hahaha. pero ok lang. the Silent Drill made my day somehow. 🙂

They’ll be opening the Carillon Tower later today! lol.
and wait, i want to take a picture of Carillon Tower and Fertility tree at night! they look so glamorous now that they adorned the tower with the UP logo and a long sheet of green and red fabrics at the sides. they also put a spotlight on it. they look so magical.

parang ang sarap magpakamatay