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yet another day

i knew it! apparently, our speechcom1 instructor didn’t arrive today, giving me a good 1 1/2 hours to rest. 🙂 yey. so this is my rest. hehe

heyhey. a couple of entries ago i wrote about my future plans in the university (assuming 1 failing grade). let’s label that Plan A.

now here’s plan B:
-assuming 2 failing grades (chem40 and 32)

i won’t take any chem subject next sem.
summer 2008, i will retake chem32. assuming that i pass, i could be given chem111 during the 1st sem of 2008 – i will cancel this freakin subject, and retake chem40 instead.

note to self: never take two hard chems at the same semester

that way, i am still on time with regards to my batch (06-B)

that’s actually the worst case scenario. haller!
but quite honestly, i am not worrying, nor am i fidgeting about the possibities that i’ll take a prerog or two. i think i can handle the singko (dalawahin nyo pa) and the double warning from OSA… 🙂 they don’t look that scary. hahaha.

gayunpaman, i can still work myself to get a 4 or miraculously, a 3. MIRACULOUSLY. see? that’s how bad my academic standing is. i wouldn’t even consider it ‘standing’ anymore. i’m crawling mehn. craaawwwwliiiiing.