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how to deal with your deteriorating braincells

faced with a catastrophic problem like this, one must not panic. it will only catalyze the decay of your beloved braincells. i say, don’t worry! look on the bright side! usually when your, uhh, academic braincells are starting to die one by one, the other group of braincells starts to function double time. so everytime you feel like the dumbest in your class, just think that you’re way better than them in a different field. compensation, that is. just like in my case, my ‘genius’ braincells are hiberating leaving me in a sort of ‘artistic’ mode this season.

of course i just brought that up as an excuse. can’t you see i’m just fishing for defenses? no one’s even interrogating me for my utter lack of academic urgency. and yet i stay indifferent.

by the way, i just flunked another exam. make that two. and probably even 3 (i have another one coming up this wednesday).

why am i enjoying being a pessimist?
and why the hell am i not studying?!?!?!?

i really think i’m better off developing my creative side (besides, they’re my dominant genes) rather than waste money (and kill myself) nurturing my recessive genes.

can’t you see they’re ‘hibernating’? it takes a century to unleash a dormant trait, you know.