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friday, i'm in love!

dear folks!
it’s going to be friday (yet again) in an hour! i can’t help but rejoice! yeeeaaah!!!
i’m so excited to go home already. actually, i’m looking forward to the mall. i saved a generous amount of money to last me with my mall, uhh, agenda which is mainly: kain, kain, windowshop sa national bookstore, kain, kain, bili payong, kain at shempre kain!

hehehe anyhow, rest assured that i’m not going to be thrifty with it. i’m saving for a freakin speedo swimsuit. >_>

i also need to update my mp3 player. i want to dispose my zen nano plus already. it’s been through a couple of reformats and approximately 20 viruses, both trojan and worm variants. >_> i’m keying for the creative zen neeon 2

haha. malapit na birthday ko!