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Compaq iPaq H3950 Pocket PC
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as promised, i dropped by SM Megamall yesterday to stroll. 🙂
i saw a fencing game! it was cooooooool. really coooooooool. it’s my first time to see real fencers (??) and it amazed me! hehehe.

then i went to national bookstore. heaven, mehn! i just went there to apply for a Laking National Card… tapos

ice cream!!!!

tapos tapos, i went to MY FAVORITE PLACE in megamall… THE FOURTH FLOOR! i forgot how it’s called but primarily there’s Cyberzone… and starbucks… and lots and lots of art galleries and furniture shops… those things amaze me BIIIIIG TIME. and i saw this stall buying old coins. sadly they only buy pre-war coins, 1945 and below.. and i only have like 10 of those coz my collection consist mainly of 50-70’s coins. oh well, i’ll sell the prewar coins first then wait for a decade to finally sell the other coins. yeah.

CYBERZONE HERE I COOOOOMMMEEEEE, i’ve always been a big fan of innovation. i love seeing laptops, mp3s and cellphones on display! but i don’t really buy them… i only fancy collecting product specs and catalogues from different stores. ehehehe….

tapos tapos, ayon mp3 galore. ipod nanos look cheap now. heh. that’s because they’re so mainstream and overly imitated! that has always been the reason why i don’t want an ipod. there’s no distinction between the original and the imitated versions. haha, ang arte arte ko talaga. >_>

i changed my mind, instead of the creative zen neeon 2, i’ll go for the creative zen na lang

neeon 2 is very small pala. haha and zen is roughly the size of a credit card. just perfect for me. yun nga lang, dahil new release sha, i don’t think it’s available yet. hehe sige, i’ll wait. 🙂 Cnet also gave good reviews for this product so i presume it’s worth the price. besides, creative products have always been great for what they’re worth. compared naman sa apple na super overpriced. che.