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physics fair!

yay to us! hehe we didn’t win but we had fun. bwahehehehehe. eliza and i were so overwhelmed that we get to climb Carillon Tower!!!

i don’t have a picture of our glider. sad. >.< that's because i wasn't too proud to show it around because the other gliders were so intimading, they really spent money on it... whereas ours is just made from scrap umbrella cloth and trash bamboo from the Forestry. anyhow... during the first round of the fair, we have to release the glider (na may nakasakay na itlog) from the top of the tower and our aim is to not let the egg break when it lands on the ground. our glider didn’t, errr, glide too well (in fact it didn’t glide at all, it was a free-fall – much to the spectators’ amusement XD) but before it landed, the air kinda blew it so that it flipped, and the egg was saved! so we’re in for round 2! round 2 is a competition for the longest time of flight. we knew firsthand that our glider, named The Communist (because it looked like a communist flag), stands only a little (or none at all) chance because during the first round, it didn’t show exemplary ‘gliding’ skills compared to our competitors… so we just enjoyed the moment. 🙂 and i was surprised because when jasper threw (what’s the right term for this?) it off the tower it flew really well! it gave me hope that our glider is going to last until round 3! but then, something happened…

our glider got stuck on the tree! grabe. nakakapanghinayang! (spot the red thing, that’s our poor glider)

dahil dyan… umuwi na lang ako. hehehe