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sweet escape

yes there is a time for everything. as i’ve pondered on before, there are things that could only be understood completely when it is pursued at the right time. just like how you are not allowed to drive when you’re not of legal age. 🙂

sometimes, realizations hit you at the wrong spot but then all you have to do is think again, evaluate yourself and see if you’re still on the right track. Problem: i’m not sure which path to take. i’m not even sure if this is what ‘fate’ (if it exists) calls me to be in. human nature dictates ‘escape’ at the merest sign of difficulty. and because i am a slave of human nature, i’ve devised my own ways of running away from the monster i myself created (it’s not me, do’ahou).

sometimes i drink it all off. i get some of my dormmates to drink with me, they wouldn’t ask why. it’s not unusual if i suddenly go home with 3 bottles of beer anyway. they’re one hell of a company.

there are times when i go out alone to buy coffee. it’s my drug, yeah. though it doesn’t really give me enough kick to forget about how horible my day went, it’s good enough to keep me sane. that is.

the cheapest treat would be a pack of Nova and a bottle of C2. have i told you i get bonkers when i drink C2 (apple)? i become hyperactive and crazy. i couldn’t stop myself. with that i give it a 10 out of 10. a good escape. yeah.

with the way i see things, you’d probably think i’d be medicating on ‘drugs’ next time. i may be ruining my life with developing vices but i guess it’s part of growing up. vices shouldn’t be viewed as something evil. in fact, at one point in life, when everyone else turn their backs on you, you’d be left with nothing but your vice(s) to cope with the distress.

hey. i don’t have vices…. yet. T_T

wait. i love lemongrass. better than mary jane? definitely. not that i’ve tried, silly. lemongrass. lemongrass. lemongrass. haha in filipino… tanglad. sounds familiar? it looks like talahib and has a characteristic smell. if i’m not mistaken its monoterpene is linalool? or citral? i forgot. hahaha

sorry. i sound like i’m about to kill myself of depression. maybe i’m just frustrated.

yeah! that’s the best word that could describe me. i am frustrated. i am a frustrated college student who can’t think rationally and choses a bottle of beer over a decent sleep. i am frustrated. thank you.

monacre. i lack that. >_>
(hint: it’s an anagram)