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it's all good

last night was great! apart from the news that says UPLB won’t have classes on monday because it’s laguna day (i was wondering, how many times do we celebrate laguna day in a year?), yesterday was also great because i went foodtripping with my dormmates!


it was 9:30 and i’m hungry… again. so i went out (alone) to ministop to buy a nescafe freeze. but it was too cold so i just decided to buy a coke float and burger from mcdo. lol, ang labo… basta. sadly though, they don’t have burgers anymore what’s left are those little apple and taro pies that wouldn’t even compensate to the 250 meters i walked from the dorm to vega centre. so i just took the float and wandered along grove to look for good food. blaaah. i ended up buying hellfire burger from Bordo’s anyway. yeah burger, make me fat, make me fat. fatter than i already am. >_>

when i came back, everyone’s on their way out. and i was like, heeey! where the hell do you think you’re going! i asked you if you wanted to come with me to buy food and you said no. and now you’re buying food without me!!! i’ll go with you!! XD!

indeed, the five of us, me, ate venice, ate rio, ate sheryl and vynne (whom i call soldier because she WAS an applicant for the up vanguards – but she resigned. grr) walked to ministop to buy… ice cream. then we walked and walked, saw Mang Bong’s (??? not sure) bakery who bakes the bestselling bread called ‘butterfly’ (it’s shaped like a ribbon, tastes like pandecoco but it’s creamier! haaay, heaven!) and bought some. hehe, imagine… the bread is such a blockbuster that people actually have to reserve for it! and everytime they bring the baking pan out, there are mobs of people waiting outside already. reminds me of yakitate japan!! 😀 wahehehe… blah blah blah.

have i told you that it’s ate venice’s (i call her kumare :D) first time to go with us to hunt for food? hehehe. that’s good to hear! hehehe, haaay the grove is very lively even though it’s already 11pm. hahaha when we reached the corner to FO, ate venice bought some nuts while i asked them if they want to drink. my treat!

at dahil dyan, i bought us 3 bottles of san mig light. ate sheryl and ate rio will share one bottle, and soldier and i will get one each. kumare doesnt’ drink (because of her horrible ethanol experience >.<)... aww. haha BI. but when we got home, i finished two bottles. >_> that’s because
a) it’s soldier’s first time to drink! wtf! it’s your first time????? lol, you didn’t tell me! i should’ve bought something heavier to celebrate you’re first time!
– and because it’s her first time, she didn’t have enough strength to finish the whole bottle. mehn, you don’t really need strength for that, what you need is a generous amount of depression (plus a very supporting company. ehem.) to motivate you to flush them all out by drinking.
b) and because there’s still a good 250mL of beer left in the bottle, ate sheryl and ate rio shared with that.
c) and since ate venice won’t accept my friendly offer, i have no choice but to finish the remaining two.

anyhow. it’s not bad. i didn’t get drunk (i’ve never been drunk. fyi.), i just get err… bangag but it’s not like i’m drunk. bwahahahahaha. and we have nuts and little chipichipies to go by (plus my burger!). so imagine how heavy my stomach is after the, uhhh, event. hehehehe. then we watched some movies using soldier’s laptop. first we tried evan almighty, but we got bored so we changed it to killer waves, but we also got bored, so we decided on brats, but it’s too sloppy so we just settled for high school musical 2. it was fun! the choreography is great! but you see, i kinda hate it when you take theater actors on-screen. they’re overacting. >_>

oh yeah. everything’s good. i love my life.
(pictures soon on my multiply!)


today is the Physics Fair day! we’ve finished the glider yesterday at around 5pm. i just hope it won’t free-fall. >_>
i want to go home already, i’m skipping our LTS meeting tomorrow. sorry guys. i need to go home! and now i’m fishing for good excuses to go home early (i have no intention to finish the fair. wtf)