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the worst of mediocrity

i’m not supposed to be here!

i decided to skip my last subject for the day (lts1) in hopes of sparing 3 hours worth of uhh…classes. lts1 is fun, really but i guess i’m just too worn out? too tired? too sleepy? too… i’m not sure. i’m just being the good student that i am. yeah, wtf.

the truth is, i’m just plain lazy.

i’m kinda depressed right now… i feel like the biggest idiot in the world. fuck. i don’t get chem40, i don’t understand chem32, i’m cramming through math36, bored with spcm1, and now i’m skipping my nstp to give myself a chance to slap myself and give my stupid ego a good scolding for letting my academic life crumble like a sand castle under the rain.

like crazy, man.
like craaaaaazy.

i need to sleep.
mehn. what’s with YELLOW???? why do i see a lot of people wearing yellow?????
i’m wearing yellow, by the way.
my crush is wearing yellow too. =}

tomorrow is BLUE BRIGADE.
see ya.