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he's yours, all yours. and now i'm bored


ayoko ng may ka-agaw. lalo na if it’s something i value a lot. i am naturally possesive but i don’t usually show it. years of inexperience made it a dormant quality in me.

now, if it concerns a guy and the tug-o-war is beetween me and a special friend, i’ll let go of the rope. because honestly, i’d rather have a friend than a boyfriend. i don’t trade my special friends with something (or someone, rather) i know will just come and go. besides, i know myself… i easily get bored.

they say boredom is only experienced by boring people. i beg to disagree. boredom (along with a lot other abstract nouns) is relative. shallow people don’t (or hardly ever) experience boredom because they can interpret everything in the shallowest sense.

i am always bored, always idle, always looking for something to do when in fact there’s a pile of junk dumped on my table waiting to be noticed, waiting to be given even the slightest bit of attention. and now i realize, i’m the type of person who doesn’t get easily motivated with the things i am not inclined to. i always look underneath my pile of workload for something that would somehow stir up a fraction of interest within the bounds of my knowledge.

i’m lost.