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oh, so it works?

i don’t know, should i take glutaphos again? i have three exams this week! hehehe. i remember the last time i took it, nothing happened (at least that’s how i perceived it). i guess it’s psychological. when people feed you with the fact that it’s a super effective memory enhancer and brain booster, whenever you take in a tablet and feel like a genius, you worship the freakin drug. and when you feel dumb, you feel like you’ve already exhausted the power of thy mighty medicine. then you drink again… think of yourself as a genius who will one day conquer the world… kneel down before the indifferent tablet and work your way through your homework.

what the hell does it dooooo???

now i’m questioning my intelligence (of course with the supposition that i do have some). up to what extent can my brain handle worldly complexities? how far can my mind go (without shutting down) about running the race with natural geniuses? do i need to be a drug dependent just to ensure the normal flux of neurotransmitters in my brain?


school has never been this psychologically tormenting.