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do i really belong here?

leonard has been a great factor on why i’m thinking a LOT about SHIFTING. when he first mentioned to me that he’s planning on shifting to BS Chemistry or Biology… i was like, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” (uhh not exactly but you should get it. duh) and i was insisting on the ‘fact’ that our course sounds ‘cool’ (to others) not to mention ‘hard’ and also ‘demanding’ but then those adjectives doesn’t command that much to be considered. heck and i was (yet again) explaining to him that he’s going to break the ABCDE chain that we’ve established (or maybe it’s just me who noticed and made a big deal out of it) on our first sem in the university.

the ABCDE chain is explained as follows: 🙂

originally there were 6 06-B students who were qualified for chemical engineering and our surnames are Alaon, Alo, Birog, Camasin, Dizon, and Eseo
bwahahahaha odiba? we’re alphabetically arranged! (which actually made me think that MAYBE the college secretary just picked the first 6 waitlisted people on their list alphabetically.. ). yeah and Charles (Alo) got dismissed but nevertheless the ABCDE remains so it’s fine.

joke, it’s not fine!! >_> hehe balik ka na kasi chav… bilis! 😀

and now… leonard (Eseo) wants to leave us! huhuhuhuhuhu 🙁 come to think of it, it doesn’t really matter if we drop off with the E because ABCD is still intact but that’s not the point! it’s not about who breaks off from the alphabet! that’s just me and my shallow (not to mention nonsensical discoveries about our batch) chorvabells. >_>

anyhow. leonard and i were talking about shifting and the whole thing about ‘loving your craft’ and not pursuing your real ‘dream’. when he left at around 12:30 for his classes, i was left thinking…. damn hard.

nyeeee. dapat ba nag fine arts ako? commarts? business mgt.?
is it to late to change directions?
ang ayoko lang naman talaga ay yung super hirap maka-alis ng CEAT (college of eng’g) at super nakakatamad magayos ng mga paper requirements… tsaka ang hirap maghabol ng grades no. para naman kasing ang tali-talino ko…

haha. i flunked our first chem32 exam. feeling ko ako lowest dun e… feeling ko talaga…

yeah. maybe they can easily discharge me from their college because i’m not someone who displayed exemplary academic standing in the first place. yeah, i’m so right with that freakin point.

now the question is, where do i go next? there is no fine-freakin-arts here in los banos and honestly, you cannot in anyway convince me to take it (no matter how much you flatter me).

eto lang naman kasi talaga yan.